Hi Folks!


Untamed Undies provides feminist and geeky undies, pasties, and sex toys for folks across the gender spectrum, and is the beloved brain child of me! Abigail Keenan.  Untamed Undies was born out of the desire to combine my love of art with my love of aggressive feminism and suddenly I was making feminist undies in my mother’s kitchen.  From there Untamed Undies evolved to include a line of pasties (four sizes and nonporous thermoplastic!) and finally on to include it’s latest addition, a line of fancy and brightly colored impact play toys.


Aside from my underpanting I am dedicated to creating accessible sexual education for adults that isn’t dryer than a Eucharist (aka a Jesus cracker) which made way for the creation of my second baby, Sex Ed Saturday.  Sex Ed Saturday works to educate folks about their bodies, consent, love, and doing the nasty.
I make things, write some poetry, and like to talk about doing the do.  Let’s talk about it.

-Abigail Keenan